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with so many contractors out there why would you  choose us .  Let's take a look at what sets us apart from others.

What makes us different ?

Well it really comes down to only a few items that set us apart.1. Installation technique and materials. 2.Who is actually installing the job and his experiance. 3.And what the cost of the job is.
There is a traditional way that most projects have been done for so many years,but obviously with the innovation  of new products and material available it would be foolish to ignore those new products as options to use.  A good example is shower  prep,  traditional methods are hot moped pans and cement walls.   This  process is not only very messy but the smell of the hot mop is horrible. 
Alternative, Kerdi shower by schluter. No hot mop, no heavy weight of cement, waterproofing immediately under tile  instead of under inch and a half of cement, as well as waterproofing goes all the way to top of shower.
Most of all our projects are installed by the owner/installer llicensed and insured Dwight Murray, who has been installing tile since 1987.That is the kind of experienced installer you want  working on your project
Without the overhead costs of employees, fancy showrooms,
workers comp. insurances etc. we can control the  overall cost of the job dramatically .